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● 16 stations with software configurable Master Valve

● 4 independent programs each with 4 start times

● Automatic rain delay using local internet weather data

● Manually control programs or individual stations

● Control up to 32 Insteon devices manually or through the 64 user programs

● Flexible program options that include sunrise/sunset calculations based on your location

● Controls Insteon Venstar Thermostats


HydroFLASH is a Flexible Lighting and Sprinkler Home controller. It connects to your wireless network allowing you to control your sprinklers, lights, garage doors, and thermostats using your smartphone or computer. HydroFLASH replaces your current sprinkler controller and provides expanded capabilities that could save you a lot of money on your utility bills. It uses local weather data from your internet connection to automatically place your sprinklers on rain delay. It also tracks sunrise and sunset through out the year enabling lighting programs to use less energy during the summer months.