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1. How do I use this app?

It is not possible to measure blood pressure by touching the screen. A separate device (home monitor, drug store, Doctor’s office, etc) is required.

To add your blood pressure data, press the "+" button on the Main view or the Add Reading button on the Intro view.

To edit a reading, select it on the Main view.

To delete a reading, press the "-" button on the Main view which will display red "-" buttons for each reading. Press a red "-" button which will display a red Delete button. Press the red Delete button to delete the reading.

The graphs are customizable by using the Settings button (white gear icon). The data in the graphs can be filtered by using the following buttons at the bottom of the graph:

1d = current day

1w = last week

2w = last two weeks

1m = last month

3m = 3 months

6m = 6 months

1y = 1 year

All = all times of day

am = morning values only

pm = afternoon & evening values only

The left and right arrows on the top of the graphs will shift the selected filters to the left or right. For example, to compare this month vs last month select 1m and then press the left arrow button.

The camera icon on each graph will take a snapshot of the graph and save the image on the camera roll of the Apple Photos app. You can view, email, and print the image using the Apple Photos app.

There are detailed instructions for Backup/Restore, Transfer, and the Withings monitor located on each view.

2. How can I backup my data?

iTunes sync will backup your iBP data but there is not an option to restore an individual app. This means you have to backup and restore your entire device, which is not always desirable. iBP provides two options for data backups: iTunes File Sharing and CSV email. It is highly recommended that you use one of them on a regular basis and always before upgrading the iOS, syncing with iTunes, or downloading iBP app updates. Details on backup and restore can be found on the More view under Backup/Restore.

3. How do I enter data for previous years?

If you scroll the month dial backwards the year will change. The date chooser is an Apple component and default date and time mode does not have a year dial. The date chooser will remain where you last set it so you won't have to keep scrolling backwards.

4. Can I import data from other programs?

You can use the CSV Restore capability to import your data from other programs. It wasn't intended to be an import so there are a few things that you need to do.  First, the data as to be in the same order as iBP CSV email and the dates have to be formatted exactly the same as they appear in iBP. Both are easy to do in a spreadsheet.  Also, Restore will replace any existing data in iBP.

The order required for import is the following:


For example:

112,84,85,201.6,03/10/10 08:51am,note

Note, your date format might be different than the example and it depends on your device settings.  Also, make sure your data is sorted correctly, most current date on top and oldest last.

5. I have multiple iOS devices can I transfer iBP data between them?

There are three ways to transfer your data between devices: Wifi Transfer, iTunes File Sharing or CSV Restore. Wifi Transfer is the easiest method provided you have a Wifi network and it is located on the More view. Details on iTunes File Sharing and CSV Restore can be found in Backup/Restore which is also located on the More view.

6. Does it matter which device is the client or server when using Transfer?

The only time it matters is when you edit the same reading on both devices. In this case, the server will overwrite the client.

7. Why don't the dates transfer when I use Transfer?

The reason the dates don't transfer is your Region, Date & Time settings are not the same on both devices.

Check these settings on both devices and make sure they are the same in the Apple Settings app:

General -> International -> Region Format & Calendar

General -> Date & Time -> 24 hour clock & Time Zone (if it isn't Set Automatically)

Add a test reading to iBP on both devices and verify that the date format matches exactly.

8. What is Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)?

Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) is defined as the average arterial blood pressure during a single cardiac cycle.

MAP is normally between 70 to 110 mmHg.

It is calculated by the following formula:

MAP = ((2 x diastolic) + systolic) /  3

9. What is Pulse Pressure (PP)?

Pulse Pressure (PP) is the difference between systolic and diastolic. It represents the force that your heart generates each time it contracts. A normal and healthy pulse pressure is considered to be 40.

10. How can I display MAP and Pulse Pressure for each reading?

Open the Settings located on the More view.  Find the Main view section and select Format.  There are 3 format options available for the Main view:

a) Original

This setting does not show MAP or PP for each reading and is the default

b) MAP, PP, 2 line notes

This setting shows MAP and PP in abbreviated form and displays up to 2 lines of notes for each reading

c) MAP, PP, 3 line notes

This setting shows Mean Arterial and Pulse Pressure in full text and displays up to 3 lines of notes for each reading

11. Can I turn off the Please Rate iBP prompt?

Yes, open the Settings located on the More view and set Rating Prompt to OFF in the General section.

Positive reviews really help and we hope you will take the time to write one for each update of the app. However, if you prefer not to write a review and don't want to be asked again then use the setting to turn it off.

12. Are there any known issues in the current version 5.0?

There is a problem on the iPad caused by low memory conditions. The iOS deallocated a hidden view because it needed memory. When the app tries to display it, the view gets reinitialized and thinks the data is still loading. This problem can cause the Intro view to stick on “Loading...” or blank areas on the Main view. You might also see the Total Readings change to 1255 with a User name of Sam. These are default values for those labels that get set after initialization is completed. Your data is still there so please don’t try to restore it. We fixed the problem and submitted an update to Apple on 4/8/11. It usually takes them a week to approve it. The temporary solution is to kill iBP from the multi-tasking bar. If that doesn't work then you can try killing other apps to free memory or reboot the device. Sorry for the inconvenience.

To display the multi-tasking bar, press the Home button twice quickly and all the apps that are running will be displayed along the bottom. To kill an app, press and hold the icon until it wiggles, which will display a red minus sign, and then press the red minus sign.

On the iPhone/iPod Touch, the combined scrollable graphs don’t rotate. This problem was also fixed and will be included in the next update.  Note, there is not enough room to display all 4 panels of the Distribution view in landscape mode so only Systolic and Diastolic are displayed.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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